Since 1892 our company has focussed on the production of textile machine accessories. From a small reed-binding shop, our company developed and expanded steadily over four generations in our service range and experience.  The variety of products available should always expand our possibilities in individual service.

Our strength lies in our ability to fulfil the wishes of our customers in the field of accessories competently and reliably. Utmost care, cleanliness, professionalism, speed, order and best service is passed down over four generations as a tradition to our organisation with highest priority.


Our employees define the success of our company.

Walter vom Stein
Walter vom SteinManaging Director
Since 1982, the 4th generation of the family has steered the company’s fortunes as managing director. He is committed to continuously developing the idea of entrepreneurship within the company and thus to taking on more responsibility in the individual positions.

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Ayse Tomris
Ayse TomrisManaging Director
Has been with the company for almost 40 years.
Before being appointed Managing Director in 2022, she was mainly responsible for purchasing and sales.

+49 2196 72900 – 16

Sabine Fischer
Sabine FischerDistribution/Quality Management Representative
She has been working in the company’s sales department since 2019.
As a quality management representative, Ms Fischer manages, accompanies and checks compliance with the quality of our processes.

+49 2196 72900 – 19

Sabina Hetze
Sabina HetzeHead of Accounting and Finances
Mrs. Hetze has been a member of the steintex team since 2020 and is responsible for accounting and finance.

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Andreas Wegwert
Andreas WegwertTechnical Manager/Production Manager CNC
In our CNC department, Andreas Wegwert is responsible for setting up, operating the CNC machines and coordinating the department for the production of various special coils. Since this year, he has been responsible as the technical manager of the company.

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Sao Viegas Matias
Sao Viegas MatiasHead of production planning
Mrs. Viegas Matias is responsible for the preparation, planning and coordination of our injection moulding machinery and dispatch.

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Saied Attia
Saied AttiaProduction Manager, Plastic Injection Moulding
Mr. Attia is the technical production manager responsible for our injection moulding machinery.

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Göksal Tomris
Göksal TomrisHead of strand production
Mr Göksal Tomris successfully took over from Mr Pop in March 2023 and is responsible for all matters relating to strand production.
Katharina Mikieta-Sieg
Katharina Mikieta-SiegRepresentation of Mazaka Europe and sales support
Ms Katharina Mikieta-Sieg took over the task of supporting and representing our partner Mazaka at the European site in April 2023. She also works in the sales department.

+49 2196 72900 – 18

Tameem Fahad Almoammar
Tameem Fahad AlmoammarRegional Sales Engineer
Tameem Fahad Almoammar has been on board at steintex as regional sales engineer since May 2020. He is responsible for the management and development of customer relations and projects in the MENA region Middle East and North Africa.

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1892 / Founded by Walther G. vom Stein

The reed maker Walther vom Stein started his own business at the age of 23 in Wermelskirchen near Wuppertal.

Craft designation: Mechanical comb and weaving reed making.

Production of harnesses from wooden shafts (combs) including healds of cotton with maillon, as well as weaving reeds for the local ribbon weaving mills, silk ribbon and broadloom weaving mills.

Purchase of the first mechanical comb knitting machines from England for the production of cotton healds (predecessor of steel wire and flat steel healds).

1908 / Carl Wilhelm vom Stein

The eldest son Carl Wilhelm vom Stein becomes an apprentice in his parents’ business and thus weaving reed manufacturer.

Military service from 1914-1918.

Later he joins the company as a partner.

He worked in the textile reed making shop until the last day of his 84th year.

1948 / Günther vom Stein

After the war break, the company is rebuilt and restarted together with son Guenther vom Stein after his apprenticeship as a banker, and also military service and war captivity.

In addition to the production of weaving reeds, other business segments such as weaving harnesses made of aluminium, expansion of the trade with weaving utensils, spare parts and accessories for textile machines and production of bobbins made of wood, plastic and metals were included .

Foundation of a General Partnership (oHG)