Project Description

steintex Yarn Brake

for the redirection, guiding and braking of threads, fibres and wires.
The components can be combined individually.

steintex Balloon Spring

Quality spring made from high quality spring steel

steintex Drawing-In Hook

available with wooden or plastic handle

steintex Drawing-in Hook

in round and flat spring band steel

steintex Automatic Reed Hook

When pushed in and out these reed hook progress automatically by one dent.
Model can be used for either method.

steintex Reed Hook

with flat wooden handle

steintex Shuttle Springs

made of Music Wire, stainless- or brass wire

steintex Bobbin Plate

with Helanca cover and cone holder guarantee the trouble-free running of synthetic cross-wound bobbins.

For all warp knitting machines, knitting machines, weaving machines and twisting machines as well as bobbin trolleys and shearing creels.

steintex Reed

for needle looms, traditional looms and warping machines

steintex Crossbars

for the weaving industry